Reporting Requirement

The date of your award check is considered the start of your grant term. Please record it to help you calculate your reporting deadlines. All organizations who receive funding must submit final reports. The Pennington Family Foundation is not obligated to remind organizations of reporting deadlines. An organization that submits a funding request -- whether it is for a continuation of the funded project or a new initiative -- and has not submitted the required reports will not be considered.

Final reports
Final reports are due on all grants without exception. The due date for a final report is 12 months from the date on the award check, no later than the 30th of the month. Multi-year grants should submit an annual report each year of the grant, every 12 months from the date on the award check.

Mid-term Reports
Mid-term reports are only required if a current grantee wishes to apply for funding for a consecutive year. In that case, a mid-term report will be due 6 months from the date on the award check. If an organization is NOT applying for funding in a consecutive year, then no mid-term report is due, and the organization should only file a final report.

Online Report Submission
All mid-term and final reports should be submitted online. In order to submit your report, please login to the online application system, locate your current project under "Submitted Applications" and click the Status "Approved" link. If you need to download the current reporting form, locate it under "Download Report Templates" to the right of the screen. Once you have completed your report, return to the Project Reporting page, choose the "Report Type," browse to the report file on your computer, and click "Upload My Report."

If you are unable to upload your report through the online system, please email the program office or call 225.928.8346.

Current Reporting Forms
If your form does not have "6-15-2011" at the bottom of each page, it is outdated and should not be used.

Midterm Report Template in Word Format
Final Report Template in Word Format